Two 12-bit DACs

Sampling rate range: 1 ~ 4 GSPS

Selectable Return-to-Zero mode extend usable bandwidth to 2 ~ 4 GHz at 4 GSPS

On-board clock buffers with adjustable gain and duty cycle

+12 V and +3.3 V power provided by the carrier card

VITA 57.1 standard compliant 


The Euvis FMC2653 module is a high-speed, dual-channel FMC module ideal for use in leading-edge applications. The FMC2653 generates dual CW waveforms with sampling rates up to 4 GSPS. The FMC2653 module is equipped with two Euvis MD653D digital-to-analog converters (DACs). At 4 GSPS, the module provides analog outputs with bandwidth from DC to 2 GHz (Nyquist bandwidth). It can be selected to operate in return-to-zero mode to extend the usable bandwidth to 2 ~ 4 GHz. The digital data multiplexing ratio is 4:1 and the required digital data rate is 1 Gb/s with DAC's operated at 4 GSPS. The 96 LVDS pairs of digital data are fed through two FMC connectors, a high-pin-count (HPC) and a low-pin-count (LPC). Sampling window select (SEL’s) and reset signals of two DAC’s can be independently controlled via the FMC connectors. The module includes two clock buffers to relax the need of high-power clock source. The amplitudes and duty cycles of the clock buffers can be programmed though the I2C interface.