Two 10-bit DACs

In-phase or quadrature synchronization of outputs

sampling rate of 4 GSPS with 4 GHz external clock

2 ~ 4 GSPS with 2 ~ 4 GHz external clock

Up to 2 x 1G x 10-bit 

Up to 0.25-second waveform at 4 GHz clock rate

12V power supply


The Euvis AWG474 module is a high-speed, dual-channel arbitrary waveform generator ideal for use in leading-edge applications. The AWG474generates dual CW waveforms with sampling rates up to 4 GSPS. The on-board DRAMs provide up to 1G x 10-bit data memory to each channel. The deep memory provides long waveforms required for modern communications such as Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM). The high-speed clock input is single-ended 50-Ω terminated and accepts RF clock signals up to 4 GHz with a minimum power of +6 dBm. The AWG474 RF outputs are two pairs of differential analog outputs, with 50-Ω back termination. The module accepts a high-speed trigger signal and generates two programmable marker signals. The waveform generation can be operated in continuous, gate, or burst mode. The waveform contents can be dynamically changed using the user page selection. The AWG474 module can be controlled by a PC-based GUI via a high-speed USB 2.0 interface. The companion API provides an interface for software development.