CUSTOM MMIC is a complete ISO-certified designer and supplier of the best MMICs in their class. 

Amplifier MMICs

Our amplifier MMIC products provide industry-leading gain flatness and stability, noise figure, phase noise and linearity, and also offer unique benefits such as positive gain slope, positive biasing, and 50 ohm matching. Models include low noise amplifiers (LNAs), driver amplifiers, power amplifiers, low phase noise amplifiers (LPNAs) and broad range distributed amplifiers.

Control Device MMICs

Our switching and frequency conversion MMICs offer state-of-the-art insertion/conversion loss, bandwidth, and isolation for advanced signal chain design. These products include SPST to SP4T Switches, RF Phase Shifters, and Attenuators (VVA and Digital).

Mixer and Multiplier MMICs

Our gain and phase control products provide the highest accuracy, along with low loss. Our mixer models include fundamental mixers, dual mixers, and I/Q / I/R mixers. Our RF multiplier MMIC family includes both passive and active solutions.

Space Qualified MMICs

For RF / microwave designs that require complete space qualification, Custom MMIC offers full screening of our standard MMICs to MIL-PRF-38534 Class K & MIL-PRF-38535 Class S. Several low noise amplifiers (LNA) MMICs, and a driver amplifier MMIC, have been previously space qualified.


Custom MMIC is now part of Qorvo.