New release GaAs MMIC power amplifier

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AMCOM’s AM009024WM-QN5-R is an ultra-broadband GaAs MMIC power amplifier. It has 22dB gain, and 24dBm output power over the 0.05 to 9GHz band. This MMIC is in a QFN package with both RF and DC leads at the bottom level of the package to facilitate low-cost SMT assembly to the PC board. The ground pad should have a good heat sink to dissipate the DC power. This MMIC is RoHS compliant.


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    Cyntec offers space-saving, high-efficiency DC-DC modules for applications from wearable electronics to large-scale data-center. With our proprietary 3D system-in-package technology, switching regulators are integrated with in-house optimized passive components within a miniaturized footprint. For high performance computing, core power demanding for >100A with limited board space for DC-DC is the common challenge for system designers. Telemetry reporting of V/I/temperature info and dynamically controlling the Vout is necessary in terms of system stability and efficiency. Our latest 12Vin 60A PMBus modules, which are scalable up to 240A output current, serve the purpose. High performance inductors are integrated in a miniaturized 16mm x 16mm footprint with 90% peak efficiency. With a board range of module products, we offer a total DC-DC solution to the multi-rail requirements of FPGAs and ASICs.

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    Join us at Booth 1205 , June 21-26th in Los Angles, CA IMS is part of Microwave Week, a group of colocated conferences which includes the Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Symposium (RFIC) and the Automatic Radio Frequency Techniques Group (ARFTG).